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Estate Planning vs. Doing Nothing

We do not “plan to fail,” but we often “fail to plan” when faced with the possibility of unforeseen disability and end of life issues, which could affect our children. One way to prepare is by having an estate plan, to include a Will/Trust and/or Power of Attorney in place. Do not let the Courts determine the guardians for your minor children or how your estate is to be distributed to your loved ones. The Law Office of M. J. Thomas can assist you with setting up a Will, Durable Financial Power of Attorney, Power of Attorney for Healthcare, and/or Living Will. You need a lawyer to ensure that your Will accomplishes your objectives. In addition, as for a Power of Attorney, free forms found online do not always contain the full extent of powers under applicable state law that can be granted to the person you (as the “principal”) designate as your attorney-in-fact. Contact the Law Office of M. J. Thomas to discuss your estate planning strategy and package today for Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. (615)243-2118 or

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